Points to Shop


So today’s offering is Points2Shop. They are a fairly new GPT site but they seem pretty promising. You get paid (in points or gift cards) to shop. I think you can shop for anything from diapers to HDMI cords. From carpet cleaning to computers. Here’s the nitty gritty.

You can earn six different ways:

  1. Referring – This seems pretty standard right? Most GPT sites will do this too.
  2. Joining – you get an initial reward just for signing up, so that’s cool.
  3. Doing offers – pretty standard here. Check my other posts for details.
  4. Reading emails – duh. It is afterall the name of my site.
  5. Shopping – all online.
  6. Taking surveys – Not a surprise here.

So, like all these GPT sites, the key here is patience, perseverance, and pennies.   On Points2Shop’s website there are some testimonials and one of the people there said that it took them 2  months and 14 days to earn enough points to get a Play Station 3  with a 320 gig hard drive and the video game Uncharted 3.

Another apparently satisfied customer said it only took them 3 weeks of watching videos and completing offers to earn their XBox Connect.

The downside here is that you get paid with Amazon gift cards so if there is a particular product you want from Amazon, then this is for you.

Check Points2Shop out. You may just love it!

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