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So by now I’m sure you’ve noticed that not all GPT sites are the same. You’ve probably also noticed that you can spend hours and hours looking through offers, reading emails, completing surveys, etc and only make a few bucks. So, you have to be careful with the sites you visit.

With that disclaimer out of the way, let me just say I believe Inbox Dollars is on the more “lucrative” side of things.¬†Yeah, the word lucrative is in quotes for a reason. Remember, none of these sites is going to make you rich anytime soon.

Anyway, by now you’ve probably picked up on the fact that most of these sites run the same way. Read an email, make a few cents. Complete an offer, make a few more cents. Answer a survey, make a few more cents. Inbox Dollars is really no different but the thing that they have going for them is that there are literally¬†thousands of companies that partner with this site, so you can make some quick cash a little more easily.

Here is my Inbox Dollars pros and cons list:


  • Like I said before, thousands of companies use Inbox Dollars. Not only is this good for variety sake, but I think it says a lot about the trust level of the site.
  • Most of the offers are free and easy.
  • No charge for joining
  • Quicker than most – for instance, you can earn a couple bucks by signing up for MySurvey through them. You can earn around $30 in about your first 20-30 minutes.


  • You can’t cash out until you’ve earned $30. Maybe this isn’t a big deal, but I want my cash now dang it! (Patience isn’t my forte)
  • On a lot of other sites you can complete an offer more than once. Not so with Inbox Dollars. Once you’ve completed an offer, you can’t do it again.

All in all, I think Inbox Dollars is definitely one you should check out.

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